Your Marketing Story: Making It Memorable

Think back to your favorite childhood story. Or consider a story you recently read that engrossed you. The special appeal of that story probably involved the following:

  • An appeal to your senses (Can you see┬áRed Riding Hood’s hood; can you taste those delicious goodies in her basket?)
  • Interesting characters you could relate to (the little girl, the Woodsman, the grandmother, even the big bad wolf)
  • Entertaining events (“The better to smell you with, my dear.”)
  • A clear purpose (“Don’t talk to strangers.”)

Those same elements would help create a wonderful marketing story about your company, product or service, whether it is delivered in website content, a press release, a video, a testimonial or a success story.

The next time you are writing about your business, see if you can incorporate an appeal to senses, interesting characters (customers, employees), entertaining or educational elements (“here’s how we…”) and above all a clear purpose.

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