Writing about Your Nonprofit

I have relationships with several nonprofits, serving on the boards of two and working with others on their marketing materials.

As a board member, involved in a recent facilitated workshop, I was surprised to find that we had made a common miscalculation in our marketing materials: we spoke first to the fear, not the hope. As the nonprofit works with children who cannot read, it was essential to first bring worried parents the message “we can help”; they already knew their child was suffering.

As a marketing and proposal writer, I have found that nonprofits often fall into another trap: preaching to the choir. Articles that reinforce how well everyone is doing and how much everyone believes in your cause are always welcome. But if you are reaching out for donations, you must give your audience some facts and figures along with the feel good to justify their donation. They want to know that their donation has an effect and that your organization has made a difference.

My point here is that audience and goals matter. What is your audience looking for and what do you want them to do? Is feeling bad about their situation or feeling good about your organization enough? Is there a next step that is even more important?

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