Why Updating a Website Is Critical

Recently, a national autism association lost the chance at a major fund raising event because of outdated and misleading information on their website. A spokesperson for the association said that the information had been on the site, without any review,¬†for years: “We haven’t even looked at that page.”

While neglect of your own website content may not have such dramatic results, it can undermine your efforts to reach out to new and existing customers. Your website becomes that dusty store window in the not-best-part-of-town that seems to repel rather than invite visitors.

A website review not only ensures that your content is current, it puts a set of fresh eyes on alert for outdated messages, unprotected information, inconsistencies that develop over time and mistakes that have slipped through because you are so familiar with the content, you no longer see it.

A website review costs less than a rewrite because you yourself handle the rewrite based on the detailed review. Email me today for more information.