What Makes a Great Testimonial?

In a previous blog, I offered some advice on asking for testimonials. But testimonials should succeed in quality as well as quantity. What makes for a great testimonial?

First, the testimonial is specific. Thirty “you are wonderful” quotes are less impressive than one quote that says “I am thrilled with my completed kitchen and found the whole experience much easier than I expected. Your crew was always on time, respectful of my house and attentive to what I wanted most in a kitchen….”

Second, the testimonial is timely. If your website still shows the same three customer quotes from ten years ago, believe me, they’ve lost their impact.

Third, the testimonial is in standard English. Sometimes when people email or write a thank you, they are rushed and not careful about spelling or grammar. It is okay (in fact, it is a gift to the customer) to fix minor problems with spelling and grammar. But never ever change the meaning or the intent.

Fourth, each testimonial is carefully chosen. You want testimonials that accurately reflect where you are and where you want to be as a business. Great testimonials speak to the core of your business and help differentiate you.

Great testimonials might appear in print or in video but they all have the characteristics listed above, especially the first. If your customers never write thank you’s or their testimonials fail to meet the criteria above, consider interviewing them for a success story. In the context of a story, even a less than perfect quote can shine. Contact TWP today; we know how to generate testimonials and success stories that do full service for your company.