The Three Top Mistakes in Writing a Blog

The single biggest mistake made in writing a blog is to cast too wide a net. You will always have an opportunity to write one more blog post–or one more sentence. Instead of trying to reach everyone with everything you know and can do, try targetingĀ each blog post to your most valuable customer and to the product or service that customer is most interested in. But remember that the best blogs are not sales brochures; they are informational pieces that draw potential customers in.

The second mistake is to set too difficult a schedule for posts. A promise to oneself to blog every day becomes every other day, then once a week, then once a month; and finally the blog lapses entirely. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to set a realistic and achievable schedule from the start or to hire a professional blog writer. When you think of the time it takes from your day to write a post (and to worry about not writing a post), the low cost of hiring a professional blog writer is easy to justify.

The third mistake is to believe that a blog alone will increase your sales. A blog is one tool in the marketing box, and it may not be the tool that benefits you most. If you are in the habit of taking on marketing projects and abandoning them when they “don’t work,” what you may need most is not a blog but a marketing plan and strategy. My clients and I have received value from blogging, and so can you can if you understand its role.

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