The Endless Project: Why Content Never Gets Written

Over and over I’ve heard complaints from website and print designers that they cannot finish a customer’s project because they are waiting on content. Content is very often the stumbling point for a customer for several reasons. See if you recognize your situation in this list:

  • The content is being written by committee–and the committee can’t agree. There are thousands of ways to write good copy; thousands of ways to write this very sentence; and committees will argue until doomsday over a single comma.
  • Everyone expects the content to magically appear. They mistakenly believe that the designer will supply the content or that simply sitting at a computer will¬†turn a business owner into a professional copywriter.
  • Other activities take priority. The content is sitting on a desk and someone will get to it sooner or later.

Your marketing collateral can’t start working for you until it is out in the marketplace. If your website, brochure, newsletter, blog or success story is bogged down by¬†copywriting issues, contact TWP Marketing and Technical Communications. We’ll write marketing content for you that makes you proud!