The ABCs of Great Marketing Copy

Three factors–the ABCs of copywriting–often make the difference between marketing copy that succeeds and marketing copy that fails in communicating with your customers, employees and peers. The best marketing copy is:

  1. Audience-specific. To write great marketing copy, you need to write for your audience. This is a variation on the same advice that resume writers, for example, give to job candidates. Great resumes target a specific job; great marketing copy targets a specific audience. Great resumes address the actual needs of employers; great marketing copy addresses the actual needs of your customers.
  2. Balanced. Great marketing copy has balance. It is accurate, concise and passionate without going to extremes. It gives details, without overwhelming the audience; it is concise, without leaning on 18 syllable words to make a point; it is passionate, without sacrificing information or becoming egocentric.
  3. Complete. Good copywriters know when enough is enough, and it is time to send out the copy. If your marketing copy is sitting on your desk, waiting for the next bright idea or the 38th reviewer’s comments, it is not working for you. Send it out. If it doesn’t draw the response you wanted, revise and send it out again.

Marketing copy that violates these ABCs is easy to recognize. It sounds sort of like those spam letters you receive offering you a million dollars left in some bank overseas. It gives you details you don’t want about an offer you don’t need and goes on and on past your level of tolerance (and gullibility). It sounds unprofessional. It makes you hesitate to take action.

Those qualities are easy for an audience to recognize, but harder for most companies. Companies often feel strongly that they are communicating when they aren’t. They blame the audience for not understanding. They blame the method of communication and inundate the marketplace with brochures, blogs, websites, newsletters, catalogs, articles and social media posts in a random and panicked rush to connect.

If you suspect your marketing copy has not or will not come across as audience-specific, balanced and complete, please phone or email TWP Marketing & Technical Communications. I have the audience empathy, techniques and commitment to lead your marketing copy to greatness.