Telling Your Story

A memorable marketing story resonates with your customers. Your customers have a problem they must solve (whether fixing a broken vase or launching a satellite into space). They want to know why they should turn to you for a solution rather than someone else.

The best blog posts, website pages, and other marketing content respond to customer concerns by telling your story.

The story reassures customers that:

  • You understand their pain.
  • You can solve their problem.
  • Your solution brings benefits to the customer (value added).
  • You would like the customer to…(contact you, read further, buy, etc.).

But baldly stating those facts (“I know what’s wrong and I can fix it cheaply and quickly, so call me today”) makes you just another pushy provider in the crowd. How do you stand out?

A good story is:

  • Honest. Any service or product provider can boast, “I’m the best and cheapest in the universe”–even the worst and most expensive. In telling your story, first explain why you are the best and cheapest (how you add value), then make your claim.
  • Specific. The customer wants to know that you have the equipment, education, staff, convenient location, awards, years of experience, client testimonials–whatever combination makes you uniquely you.
  • Interesting. A point of view or an insight into your industry or helpful hints all connect you to the customer as a real person. 
  • Helpful. You must guide the customer to take the next step, including when and how to contact you, use a coupon, find your physical location, and so on.

Let’s say you are a car mechanic trying to bring in customers with stalled cars. The following is one way to tell your story:

“Cars that stall repeatedly are a danger. Before you take your car to a mechanic, you can try these solutions…When you need professional help, my experienced staff and I quickly analyze the problem using [equipment, method]. You can depend on me to keep your car maintained so that it doesn’t stall again. Call me at 555-1212 today.”

Information like that is clear and compelling; it comes naturally to any business owner when speaking to a customer. It should also come naturally in writing marketing content. Having trouble telling your story? Contact TWP. When it comes to writing, we do what comes naturally.