Wellness at Work: Keeping Healthy Employees Healthy and Sick Employees Away

Now that I am a sole proprietor of a business, if I fall ill at work, I don’t drag down anyone else’s health. But back when I was working for corporations, I often came to the office coughing, sneezing and needing a nap during the day to keep functioning.

I came to work because deadlines didn’t change to accommodate illness; and sick days were valuable and hoarded. I needed them, not only to care for myself, but to care for my family during bouts of chicken pox, flu and those horrible colds that circulate from one family member to the next. So instead, I contributed to the circulation of germs at work, from one employee to the next.

Sick employees mean less productivity and, yes, missed deadlines; every company has an interest in the wellness of its employees.

But what can and should companies do to stop sick employees from infecting healthy employees? Please join the discussion on LinkedIn.

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