For a Long Life, Read This…

If you want your customers to live a long life, give them something to read. A recent article in AARP’s Bulletin states that book readers have a 20% lower chance of dying than nonreaders, according to a study of over 3,600 adults.

Good writing makes for good reading, and evidently good reading makes for good living.

Blog posts, success stories, and Q&As fall easily into the “good reading” category. People love hearing about others in their same situation, and they appreciate answers to their questions about your products and services. Even a short injection of information–like my Friday #writingtips–can engage customers and, who knew?, keep them healthy.

If you have problems organizing writing resources, consider hiring a freelance writer like me to take over the writing duties for you. Afraid that I can’t possibly understand and represent your business as well as you do? Keep in mind that:

  • A professional freelance writer is your partner, not your replacement. I will work with you to make sure that everything I write has the tone, direction, and format that works best for you and your business.
  • A professional freelance writer has years of experience partnering with many different businesses, some exactly like your own. My current client roster includes manufacturers, educators, executive coaches, resume writers, and healthcare professionals. In the past, I’ve worked with many other companies, including nonprofits, banks, and clinical research organizations.
  • A professional freelance writer is passionate about communicating. That means I’ll make every effort to ensure that my words not only clearly represent what you want to say but resonate with the customers you want to reach.
  • A professional freelance writer reads and researches. If reading extends a life by 20%, I’ve earned my 20% over and over. If you run out of ideas, I will research new ones; if your customers raise questions, I’ll research answers; and if your competitors seem to have closed all the doors to interesting content, I’ll open new doors.

Contact me today at write [at] and let’s get started on your writing project.

5 Very Avoidable Writing Mistakes

In the course of 20+ years as a professional freelance writer, I have come across some writing mistakes so frequently that they begin to feel inevitable. They aren’t. The following are 5 very avoidable writing mistakes:

  1. Utilizing the word “utilize.” Honestly, “use” is a perfectly accurate word that means exactly the same thing and lets the reader get to the heart of your message two whole syllables faster. Most readers spend 10 seconds to figure out if they want to read further; why eat up those 10 seconds with a word like “utilize”?
  2. Not editing quotes for good English. You never want to change what an interviewer has clearly stated. But you don’t want to embarrass them by quoting grammatically incorrect English like “we are prepared of joining” when the interviewee clearly meant “we are prepared to join.”
  3. Ignoring punctuation. Inconsistent, missing, or grammatically incorrect punctuation forces readers to track back over your sentence to make sure they understood what you meant. Bad punctuation equals sloppy writing.
  4. Redundancies. You cannot have “very capable manufacturing capabilities” or “successful initiatives for success” because those phrases are redundant. It is easy to latch on to a word like capabilities or success and then overuse it in statement after statement. But each use bulks up your message without adding content.
  5. Vagaries. This writing mistake often appears together with redundancies. What does “capable” mean in your industry? What does “success” look like? How “precise” is your precision and how “speedy” is your speedy delivery? The more specific you are, the more you differentiate yourself from the competition–who are making the same vague claims.

How a Professional Freelance Writer Can Help

As a professional freelance writer, I am alert to avoidable writing mistakes that seem to crop up over and over again. Some are due to unfamiliarity with English; others are bad habits acquired over time; others are attempts to sound profound that simply backfire; and still others stem from confusion over what is and is not permissible.

My one and only passion is  writing clear, concise, accurate, and interesting content. If you are concerned about avoidable writing mistakes in your marketing or technical materials, please contact me today at write at

The Who, How, & When of Hiring a Freelance Writer

As a freelance marketing and technical writer, I find that people are sometimes confused and daunted by the who, how, and when of hiring a freelancer. Here is a little information to help with the decision to hire a professional freelance writer.

The Who: How to Recognize a Professional Freelance Writer

A professional freelance writer is not anyone with a liberal arts degree. In fact, many marketing writers and technical writers have degrees in exactly those subjects. A professional freelance writer is also not a laid-off marketing or technical writer who is between jobs. You want someone who will be around for your entire project and for your next project a year from now–not someone who will abandon you for the first full-time employment offer.

So a professional freelance writer:

  • Has a degree in marketing or technical writing and/or years of experience
  • Can provide you with a portfolio of completed freelance projects
  • Is committed to being a freelancer.

The How: How to Work with a Professional Freelance Writer

Successful freelance writers have multiple clients and aim to give all of them stellar work on time and on budget–including you.

You deserve a professional freelance writer who is honest about working with:

  • Your deadlines
  • Your budget
  • Your review process
  • Your feedback.

But you need to be honest about your deadline, budget, review process, and desires before the project begins. The better you know what you want, the better and faster the writer can provide it.

Every professional freelance writer deserves to receive:

  • Reasonable expectations from you–a writer’s magic wand and mind reading abilities are extremely limited
  • Clear communication from you–which may mean limiting the number of reviewers, since review by committee always leads to chaos
  • On-time payment of every invoice.

The When: Benefits of a Professional Freelance Writer

The four main reasons business owners consider a freelance writer are (a) lack of time, (b) lack or confusion of ideas, (c) limited resources (they don’t have the budget or work to justify a full-time hire), and (d) some level of sheer panic over the task.

That’s the time to use a professional freelance writer.

A professional freelance writer relieves you of a task that is not in your primary skill set; helps spark and focus your ideas; is available exactly when needed and for no longer; and takes responsibility for a writing project that has become onerous rather than fun and exciting.


I hope that clears up the who, what, and when of freelance marketing and technical writing. If you need an experienced and dedicated professional freelance writer, please contact TWP Marketing & Technical Communications. I work with businesses and projects of every size from sole proprietors to corporations and from single blog posts to entire websites. Contact me today at write [at]