Connect with Customers Using Natural Language

According to a recent article by the Marketing Insider Group, one of the top marketing trends of 2021 is voice search. More and more customers talk into their phones to find the products and services they need. Companies who want to show up in voice searches, as opposed to on-screen searches, will take advantage of natural language.

What is “natural language”? It is the language that people use every day.

For over 20 years, throughout my career as a marketing and technical writer, I have repeated one mantra: write like you speak. Now companies have even more incentive to write like they–and their customers–speak. When customers talk into a phone, they use the language they use with friends–not company jargon, not 5-syllable words when one will do, not strings of acronyms, and not obscure industry terms.

Moreover, they often speak without regard to grammar (not something I advocate in writing!), and they are likely to use long-tail keywords. For example, someone searching for an article like this one might ask, “how do customers search on phones?” or “what is natural language?” or “how do I connect with customers?”

You won’t be able to anticipate every long-tail keyword or question in one website page or one blog post; your writing will suffer if you stuff too many keywords into it. But you can sprinkle those long-tail keywords across several pages and posts.

You may also want to concentrate on video and infographics to catch the attention of customers, relay a lot of content efficiently, and entertain at the same time. However, keep in mind that customers who merely want the answer to a question (“where can I buy shoes?”) are not going to hang around for a video any more than they would stop to read a 1000-word article on the history of shoe buying.

Vary your media: some short articles, some long, some video, and some infographics, depending on your industry and resources. The variation in content and ways of expressing it also serves to capture those lingering customers who do not rely on voice searches, who use natural language terms you have not anticipated, or who are looking for more information than their question suggests.

If you are searching for a marketing and technical writer who strongly believes in natural language, produces content in multiple forms, and has always put the customer first, I would be delighted to hear from you, by voice or text.

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