We All Write

In the age of smart phones, instant messaging, tweets, Instagrams, and LinkedIn, we are so used to reaching for a keyboard that we have forgotten one essential fact: all those words equal writing. We all write.

Whether we call it posting, blogging, tweeting, emailing, or “content,” it is still writing.

The Comic Results of Bad Writing

We can write some pretty embarrassing things if we aren’t careful. We can write a website that boasts: “Our corporal version conspire our mangers and compliments they’re strengths.” That sentence makes it past Word’s electronic spelling and grammar checker–in fact, the grammar checker is at fault for changing “conspires” to “conspire.”

In any case, the sentence is filled with errors. What it should say is: “Our corporate vision inspires our managers and complements their strengths.”

When we treat writing as no more than a byproduct of hitting keys, we undermine our own message and credibility. If something is worth saying, it’s worth saying correctly, clearly, and with conviction.

The Benefits of Good Writing

Customers deserve clarity, and businesses benefit from it. When your customers must work to understand your message, they quickly give up. That means your customers don’t find the solutions they need, and you don’t capture their interest.

We all write. My advantage is that I have over 20 years of experience making sure that every word I write counts. I aim to deliver a clear, concise, accurate, and passionate message that customers grasp quickly.

I never assume that every word emerging from my keyboard is perfect. I partner with my clients and work hard to ensure that the resulting message delivers exactly what business owners (and their customers) need.


Writing is important. For me, good writing is a passion. Let TWP Marketing & Technical Communications create website pages, blog posts, articles, case studies, and insight papers that enlighten and motivate your customers and raise your image as a subject matter expert. Contact me today at write at twriteplus.com.