Three Major Content Mistakes on Websites

Professional marketing writers know that there are limits to even the best written copy: As compelling as words can be, they cannot wrap themselves like tentacles around your customers’ wallets and drag their wallets to your door. At least, not without chancing a long time in jail. But we also know how much businesses depend on their websites, so it makes us particularly unhappy when we see these content mistakes:

1. Starting the homepage with “thank you for visiting” or “welcome to our website.” Those words are nice and polite but they waste valuable homepage space. Readers come to your homepage, not for chit-chat, but to find out if you can solve their problem, whether that problem is where to go on vacation or how to stop the roof leaking. Leave the thank you for after the purchase is completed.

2. Not telling the customer clearly what to do next. As a customer myself, I find it frustrating if I am ready to order but can’t figure out if my choice is in the wish list, basket, order queue, next page or previous page. Don’t leave your customers searching for the button or magic word that will let them complete an order.

3. Hiding your contact information. If customers run into trouble, they want help immediately, and they shouldn’t have to search for your virtual salesperson and cash register. If you’re a nonprofit looking for donations, make sure the donate page and button are accessible. Make it easy for visitors to spend their money.

A website with a focused homepage, clear instructions and easy-to-reach help may not guarantee an increase in sales but it will certainly perform better than the alternative. And a professional writer can help with that improvement. TWP Marketing & Technical Communications can make sure your website content means business.