Find and Build Your Brand

How do customers recognize your business? What sets it apart from every other business in your industry or field? That differentiator is your brand. Before you can build your brand, you need to find your brand. Ask yourself:

  • Why do you do what you do? Yes, making money is important but why did you choose to make money this way?
  • What do your customers gain by working with you? What problem do you solve for them, what extra service or convenience do you offer them? Everything from being close at hand to offering 24/7 service is a gain for your customers.
  • If you didn’t provide this service or product, what would customers do? Is there an identical source in your identical location with your identical staff? What would customers lose if your business didn’t exist–years of experience, an innovative mindset, an award-winning staff?

Now that you are clearer about your brand, you are ready to build it by taking these steps:

  1. Know your customers. Brand building depends on your knowledge of your customers. What you do is important, but knowing what your customers want is critical.
  2. Work with a graphic designer to create a logo. The logo for TWP Marketing & Technical communications is simple enough: a TWP in an attractive font. But a graphic designer’s touch mad it interesting.
  3. Take the information you know about your brand and describe what you do in one tagline or one clear sentence. The TWP tagline is: Our words mean business. The sentence appears at the end of this blog post.
  4. Harness the value of repetition. Create opportunities to repeat your message in case studies, blog posts, insight papers, and on your website, brochures, and other marketing collateral.
  5. Make sure you deliver–or overdeliver–on every customer request. Word of mouth will build your brand fast and furious. Customers willing to promote you and recommend you are precious and should be cultivated with every interaction.
  6. Be consistent. From the colors and photos you choose to the marketing outlets you choose (online, in person, in print), you want to project a consistent brand, one that your staff and your customers recognize and support. Having trouble? Contact TWP for the assistance you need to find and build a consistent brand.

From our base in Peterborough, NH, TWP Marketing & Technical Communications writes marketing copy that engages your customers and delivers your message with accuracy, clarity, and passion.