Your Exercise Buddy, the Computer

I have a program on my computer that prompts me at intervals to stand up, stretch, move my limbs and re-focus my eyes. It’s a wonderful program for promoting health, it only takes a few moments to set up and use–and I constantly ignore it. I’ve diagnosed the problem as inertia: a body working at a computer tends to remain at work.

That being said, similar programs to promote employee exercise are easy to install, a pleasure to use and reasonably priced (search for “computer programs for exercising at workstations” or a similar phrase).

Then there are the Wii™ type games simulating tennis, bowling, baseball, dancing and other physical activities. In addition, weight loss and personal training gurus have generated online self-help software faster than Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons once created DVDs. An outsider might think that the age of computers brought in a world-wide evolution toward healthier, more active lifestyles. Ah, well.

But what is your experience? Does computer software have a role in your workplace and your life to increase your physical activity and health? Leave your comments here or join the discussion on LinkedIn at Let’s Talk Health Care.

Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Harvard Pilgrim on this sponsored post. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. You can find more ways to be well at and Let’s Talk Health Care.