Add Wow to Your Marketing Message, Part 3: Power in the Details

In Part 1 of this series on marketing messages, we strengthened your verbs; in Part 2 we eliminated vague adjectives. Now it’s time to connect with your customers by giving them the details that differentiate you from your competitors.

  • Do you regularly complete projects “on time and under budget”? Consider a success story that describes how you delivered a project 4 months ahead of schedule and $3,000 below estimate.
  • Are you manufacturing “extremely precise” measuring devices? Let people know exactly how precise: your devices measure down to 0.00004 inch; measure the width of a cell; are certifed by the International Standards Organization (ISO).
  • Are you regularly employed by “large international companies in every industry”? Define “large” by giving a range of numbers (companies with up to $4 billion in assets and 15,000 employees); clarify “international” with the number or names of countries or their general locations (North and South America, Europe and Asia); and list the industries you’ve worked in.
  • Are you “the best hairdresser in your area”? Describe your specialty in cutting extremely thin hair; mention your community service in offering free back-to-school haircuts to children;┬álist testimonials from satisfied customers.

Think of your marketing materials as your resume to the world. You don’t hire employees based on general assertions like “a highly skilled contributor to the bottom line.” You ask for a list of specific skills and examples of how they were used. You might ask for an academic degree or a chance to test the employee yourself.

Your customers want the same from level of detail in your marketing message: they want to know exactly what makes you different from everyone else.

If you are struggling to differentiate yourself from the competition, contact TWP Marketing & Technical Communications. We can do that.