Differentiating Your Company from the Competition

Your competitors are on social media and have websites, and they seem to have said everything it is possible to say about the products and services you offer. How do you differentiate yourself so that people understand what makes you stand out?

Consider your online presence to be your company’s resume. As with any resume they’ve ever read, your customers expect to see specific skills and accomplishments and–above all–a reason to believe you can deliver what they want.

To differentiate your company from the competition:

  • Be specific. Define “excellent customer service” with statistics, testimonials, and success stories. If your work is extremely accurate, define “extremely”: within a mile, an inch or a millionth of an inch?
  • Take credit. If you “have the capability of repairing a car in 24 hours,” then you repair cars in 24 hours. The italic statement is more concise, stronger and more believable. “Having a capability” or “striving to” and similar phrases mean nothing to customers unless you follow through. So stand up for what you really do.
  • Let your customers in on the secret. Never assume your customers know what you do or how you do it. Everyone in your industry may use environmentally friendly chemicals. Make sure your customers know you use environmentally friendly chemicals–and tell them why that makes a difference.
  • Share your mission. While your writing goal is differentiating your company from the competition, you want to also address meeting the standards of performance that everyone in your field or industry is expected to achieve.
  • Focus your message. Researchers have proven that people can remember at most 4 chunks of new information. Stay under that limit and concentrate your marketing copy (each marketing brochure, website page, blog, press release or success story) on one major idea at a time.
  • Make it interesting and real. Post before and after photos, pictures or videos of your process or location, case studies, and employee bios so that customers connect with who you are and why you do in several ways.
  • Always put the customer first. None of the previous suggestions will succeed in differentiating your company from the competition unless you concentrate on your customer. The most important customer question to answer, each and every time, is “How can you solve my problem?” Identify your customers’ challenges and tell them concisely and clearly how you can meet them.

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