Your Brand New Website: What It Needs and What It Doesn’t

You may have just finished or are committed to building your first website. Congratulations! Now is the time to look at that brand new website or preliminary design to make sure that  you have checked for the following:

  • Very clear contact information. Your contact information or a link to the contact page should appear on every page of your website–at least the phone number. Make sure that the contact information works by trying it yourself periodically.
  • Navigation that tells people who you are. A tab for each major product or service gives visitors more immediate information and leads them more firmly than a generic “services” or “products” tab. Even Amazon manages to lead people to the information they want right now.
  • Security that is strong but easy to satisfy. If your customers have to click through a dozen different levels of security or figure out some obscure picture to actually buy your products and services they will give up. The same goes for multiple “confirm” buttons–help them buy what they want to buy.
  • Content that speaks to the customer. Aim for clear, concise, accurate, and interesting content that tells customers how your business can help them.  Do you enjoy reading a long list of products or services? Being lectured to about how your health or sanity will suffer if you don’t buy a product? Having to wade through paragraph after paragraph of dense text to figure out what you are getting and why you should get it? Neither do your customers.
  • Content that grows. A blog, a series of articles, a few case studies, all add to the richness and interest of your website and help immeasurably with search engine optimization. If you have trouble developing content or lack time, build a relationship with a freelance writer. 
  • Responsiveness. If your website allows people to make comments or send queries, respond to them in a reasonable time. If your website contains downloads, make sure they download quickly.
  • Few annoyances. Asking customers to sign up before they can access parts of your website may annoy them but is understandable. Covering everything they want to see with ads is not, especially if those ads go on and on and on and…  
  • Pictures. Before and after photos, photos of satisfied customers, pictures of your products and services–they all lure in customers and speak much more loudly than words (though you still need words). 
  • Working links. Check your internal links; never assume you are sending customers to the right page. If you link to outside content, check those links periodically to make sure they still exist and that they still send people to safe, interesting content. Just because they worked right when your new website was first built, doesn’t mean they work right now.
  • No mistakes. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Poor grammar and spelling are one sign of a website that might not be legitimate–and you want potential customers to trust you. 

The pandemic certainly taught us all how important it is to have a presence online. If you are building or have recently built a brand new website , there is no need to struggle through alone. Contact TWP Marketing & Technical Communications and take advantage of our experience.

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