Reap the Rewards of Hiring a Freelance Writer

I want my clients to succeed in their marketing because I’m passionate about clear, honest communication between people: business owners, customers, vendors, and employees. And every successful client project means more word of mouth marketing for me. But what do my clients get out this relationship?

  1. Competitive edge. Like you, my clients know what they do is special; but sometimes customers fail to recognize the true value of a product or service–beyond its price. I work with you to find and celebrate the differentiators that make you stand out from the competition.
  2. Objective answers to hard questions. If you asked your customers, “what can we do better?,” you’d receive polite responses at best. But when I ask, your customers open up.
  3. Concise, clear, creative, and passionate language. Subtle changes in wording make a tremendous difference in the tone and interest of marketing content. When your customers come to a website, it’s the website’s job to keep them there; when they take a brochure, it’s the brochures job to urge them to read.
  4. Less pressure. Very few goals are reachable by someone acting completely alone. If you find yourself spinning in multiple directions, call me. Whether a client wants to edit and rewrite together or hand the whole project on to me, I’m ready to provide the exact type of freelance writing or editing that each client needs.
  5. New ideas. As a remote, freelance writer, I work with multiple clients; their cross-industry, cross-geography background sparks new ideas and new configurations of proven ideas. Besides, having a clear, organized mind is essential for a writer. Your next great idea is probably already within your reach; you just need someone to put it in words.
  6. Consistency and accuracy. The wrong wording can bore customers; even worse, it can mislead them. Consistent and accurate content builds trust between a company and its customer, whether on the level of good grammar or of good faith.
  7. Trust. After nearly 20 years as a freelance, remote writer, my current clients know that I’ll be ready when their next project arises–whether that is next week or several years from now. I’ll remember them and their priorities.
  8. Partnership. My clients know that I will deliver their projects on (or before) time, on (or under) budget, and to the highest standard–that’s why they keep coming back. For the length of your project, whenever you need me, I am a full partner.
  9. Fun. Being a remote writer means I work with clients from across borders, industries, and functions; and with every client I learn something new. I enjoy that adventure, which means that you and your customers get to enjoy the results!

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