No One Reads Anymore (and Other Myths)

Every so often another article or blog post appears claiming that no one reads anymore. It’s an interesting tactic to write about no one reading. Side-by-side with that argument is usually another article or blog post bemoaning how often people check their smart phones for a new text message or search the internet for reviews of the latest restaurant. Someone is reading those texts and reviews.

So clearly people are reading. They may be reading in shorter bursts. They may insist on information that is targeted to their specific interests. They may be reading in places that didn’t even exist a decade ago. They may be reading online instead of print. But they are reading.

And in many ways their demands for content haven’t changed.

  • They still want to be told first what they want to know most. Burying vital information deep in the text is more counter-productive than ever. When you have the length of a tweet to get to the point, you ought to get to it fast.
  • They still want clear communication. Yes, emoticons and abbreviations have flooded personal emails, but customers expect businesses to state clearly and accurately what they do, how they do it, why anyone would be interested–that demand hasn’t disappeared.
  • They still like pictures, videos, and artwork. A great picture is still worth 1000 words; and people still recognize consistent brands quickly.
  • They still want to connect with you. The passive voice keeps customers at arm’s length; it didn’t engage them in the past and it doesn’t engage them now.
  • They still want to know why they should choose you and not your competitor. That’s one reason why online reviews, success stories and testimonials are so powerful.

If you need help writing materials that engage customers online or in print, contact TWP Marketing & Technical Communications. We’ll establish the connection and keep it strong.