Marketing Content, Person-to-Person

Your customers–whether other businesses or individuals–are online all the time, sharing personal information, telling their business stories, making connections. If your website, brochure, newsletter, and other marketing content still sound as if they were written as a term paper, you need to change to a human voice, person-to-person. How do you do that?

  1. Address your customers as “you,” not “they” and talk about your company as “we” and “our,” not a remote “ABC Corporation and its products and services.”
  2. Tell a story that illustrates your company values, successes, and goals. People love stories. Write the story as you would to a friend–not your investors.
  3. Take delight in the quirky. Has someone made a hack of your product? Were you able to help a 12-year-old with information about your industry? Did you discover a fact that intrigued you? Write about it!
  4. Show photos of your employees at work. Yes, you’ll have turnover. But real people working at real jobs–that’s who your customers are. Show them your real side.
  5. Address problems first. Don’t jump in with solutions. You gain trust when people realize you understand their problem. That’s what humans do when they want to help each other: they listen to the problem first.
  6. Write like you talk. I cannot emphasize this enough. Every word you write should be a word you would use in conversation with a customer standing in front of you. And every sentence should be short, just as it is in normal conversation.
  7. Be sensitive and tolerant. Your sense of humor, your principles, your patience with fools are all part of what makes you human. But relationships require sensitivity and tolerance, and they last longer when we approach them with open minds.

At TWP Marketing & Technical Communications, my goal is to find the words that let businesses connect person-to-person with their customers. Let’s talk together and see if that approach works for you.