Marketing Audit: Reaching the Right Customers in the Right Way

In a constantly changing marketplace, marketing content can easily get out of synch with reality: your products and services, customers, mission and reach may be quite different now than 10, 5 or evenĀ 2 years ago.

When I first started my sole proprietorship in New Hampshire, I thought I would be writing user manuals full time for software development companies. I still write user manuals, but now my main business is marketing writing. My marketplace has also expanded to both technical and nontechnical companies, including a manufacturer in Texas, a university in Massachusetts, a resume writer in Atlanta and a management consultant in New Hampshire.

Has your business also shifted? The only way to be sure you’re reaching the right customers in the right way is to conduct a marketing communications audit.

I recently conducted such an audit for a company considering an upgrade to their website. Among other problems I found inconsistent information on the website pages and related downloads; grammatical and spelling errors, clearly introduced when someone made quick fixes; listings for products that no longer exist; and links to Facebook and Twitter accounts that had been abandoned long ago. On one page, three identical links called up three entirely different pages.

Problems like these with marketing content, whether website, brochure, success story, blog or newsletter, arise naturally as a company tries to keep pace with changes to their customers, products and services. In a marketing communications audit, I examine your marketing content, page by page, with a fresh eye for inconsistencies and opportunities (what could you be saying that you haven’t said?). Then I produce a report that details problems and oversights and what you can do to make sure your customers receive a correct, consistent, clear and compelling marketing message.

If you haven’t examined your marketing content in a long while, a marketing communications audit is a cost-effective way to make sure your message connects with the right customersĀ in the right way. Contact me today for more information.