Marketing Collateral: How Much Is Enough?

Many of my clients come to me with multiple printed or online marketing pieces–rack cards, postcards, brochures, newsletters, prints of articles. While it is a good policy to stay in contact with your customers, you can save time, money and customer exasperation if you ask yourself these questions before embarking on yet another piece of marketing collateral:

  • Can I get the marketing collateral to my customers? For example, rack cards are excellent to hand out at trade shows or place in racks at Chambers of Commerce, libraries, tourist attractions and so on. But if your customers interaction is completely online and mail order from around the country, maybe you don’t need a rack card at all.
  • Am I reaching my customers in the way they want to be reached? Your marketing collateral, especially your newsletter, may need to work well both in print and online.
  • Am I being consistent? Marketing materials with the same color scheme, font, logo and contact information allow customers to recognize you at a glance.
  • Am I repeating myself? Yes, you need several attempts before customers take advantage of an offer or remember that you exist. But a little variety in content ensures that they actually read your communication before they throw it out.
  • Am I able to find something to say and the time to write it? Before you start a blog or newsletter, build up a backlog of several posts or articles to ensure that you have something to say about your company, products and services and that the content will interest your customers. If you lack subject matter or time, consider hiring a professional writer to take over.

As a professional marketing writer, I not only recognize the need to communicate with customers, I recognize the need to stop and take stock. The best marketing collateral reaches customers in the way they prefer, with timely information they want, in a consistent format and with interesting content. TWP Marketing & Technical Communications is ready to help.