Keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The experts agree: The best way to raise your ranking in the search engines–so that you come higher on the page when people search for a company like yours–is to write excellent content. But what are the characteristics of excellent content, content that contributes to search engine optimization (SEO)?

First, great content contains keywords, those words that visitors search on most frequently to find products, services and companies exactly like yours. Second, it is readable and interesting. A mere list of keywords won’t engage visitors any more than your weekly grocery list. Third, it uses keywords appropriately, especially in page titles and headings. Yes, “win $1 million free” will attract viewers but if it has nothing to do with your business, it won’t increase your page ranking for long or convert viewers to customers. Fourth, great content changes. The search engines (and your viewers) balk at repetitive content.

Great content encourages links from other websites and social media sites, which is its ultimate goal of search engine optimization (SEO). Your page ranking soars with the number of links.

Great content requires great writing. TWP Marketing & Technical Communications is your source for both.