Is This Writing Necessary?

Before you start any writing project, whether marketing or technical, you should ask yourself the following four questions:

First, do you have the time and resources to complete the writing project? You should not hand a brochure to your web designers and expect them to write your website content for you. You should not add another half-finished press release to the pile on your desk. You should not abandon your blog after three posts in 2012. Before you start your writing project, make sure you can finish.

Second, have you chosen the right way–and considered different ways–to reach your audience? You want to connect with your audience where they are most likely to see your message, whether on social media, at events or at their mailbox. If you keep tweeting and no one responds, maybe you need to shift your efforts to Facebook or to paper. Make sure your writing project is the right project to reach your audience.

Third, how well do you know your audience? Note that the question is not “how well does your audience know you?” You must understand the pain points of potential customers and how you can relieve them. Your current customers come to you because you help them. Do you understand exactly why and how?

Fourth, are you a writer? You rightly feel that no one understands your company as well as you do; but your potential customers must understand it, too, or they won’t become customers. You rightly feel that no one takes care of your customers as well you do; but to carry your personal touch over into print, you need great writing.

Sometimes the hunt for resources, ideas, customer pain points and exact words is too great a distraction from your core business. Contact TWP Marketing & Technical Communications and let us help with your writing project.