Graphic Designers: A Writer’s Best Friend

As a professional technical writer and marketing writer, I work closely with many other professionals, including web designers and printers. But graphic designers often head the list of essential partners.

  • A picture is most definitely worth a thousand words, especially when it locates essential parts of a product (like the start button). Pictures that add value include a photo of a product or service in action (providing much the same benefits as a written testimonial); a graph or table illustrating achievements, features, or benefits; or a logo that sums up a company in one perfect image.
  • Faced with pages and pages of print, most readers give up. Graphic design adds restful white space, interesting graphics to break the monotony, and sign posts like bold or italic headlines to show that progress is being made.
  • The right graphic design directs readers to the words that are most important and becomes a selling feature in its own right. At times, a graphic design has been so successful at this that I’ve actually deleted my own words to let the design carry the weight of the sales pitch.

Many of my customers are reluctant for various reasons to hire two professionals, both a graphic designer and a writer, and I am happy to provide a basic design for their marketing or technical documents. But I urge them to hire a professional graphic designer when they can.

If you need recommendations for stellar graphic designers, please contact me. I’m happy to provide that service, too.