Going on a “Can” Hunt

One piece of great advice I received in my career as a writer was to eliminate the word “can” from writing. It weakens the message and adds nothing, as shown by even a simple example:

  1. We can deliver in 24 hours.
  2. We deliver in 24 hours.

Statement 2 gives the reader a lot more confidence in that 24-hour delivery. If you, as the business owner, want to hedge your bets, then promise delivery in 36 hours but do not insert “can.” Believe me, if you fail to deliver on time, that “can” is not going to save you from an irate customer. Or a lawsuit; the can defense probably has as much chance of success as the Twinkie defense.

Go through your marketing materials now, eliminate the word “can” everywhere you find it and re-read. I’ll bet that your marketing message sounds stronger and it will certainly be more concise.

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