Four Truths about Testimonials

The first truth about testimonials is that one great testimonial from a customer is worth 10,000 of your own words. You can tell people and tell them about your fantastic products and services; but a single testimonial has the power to convince them.

The second truth about testimonials is that great testimonials (specific, accurate, positive, believable) don’t simply fall into your lap. You must ask for them, and sometimes you have to interview people to elicit great testimonials. A dozen “great jobs!” have less pizzazz than one testimonial that describes exactly what you did to cause that enthusiastic response and why your company turned out to be the perfect choice.

The third truth is that no one speaks or writes grammatical and clear English all the time. You owe it to the people who give you testimonials to make sure that they come across as well as you do. Before you post their testimonial, fix any small grammatical or spelling problems. If they said or wrote something that makes no sense, either leave it out or ask their approval for an alternative. You should never change a testimonial except to fix mistakes in grammar, spelling or logic; but you should fix the mistakes.

The fourth truth is that testimonials have more than one use. They might expand into a case study or a white paper. They add sparkle to brochures as well as websites. They may inspire a blog post. Let great testimonials work for you and work hard.

In one of my earlier blog posts, I described how to elicit testimonials from customers and explained that some customers may feel inhibited about speaking to a business owner directly. Also some business owners may feel reluctant to ask for praise. Shyness on either side prevents great testimonials from happening. TWP Marketing & Technical Communications has helped companies in service, construction, manufacturing, IT and many other industries ask for and receive the great testimonials they deserve. Contact us today.