Flexing Your Word Power–with a Little Bit of Help from TWP

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on finding and building your brand in which I asked you to consider three questions. Today, I’d like to answer those questions for TWP Marketing & Technical Communications.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Aside from the fact that I love to write–I used to scrawl stories on paper before I even knew the alphabet–I consider communication one of the most essential human activities. How does anyone know, support, help, share with, or advise anyone without communicating in some form? Yes, communication can be used to destroy–we know that all too well–but the only way to restore balance in that case is to speak up or, in my case, write. Words are powerful, I respect their power, and I want people to find what they are looking for with their words, whether snow blowers or peace.

What Do My Customers Gain by Working With Me?

They gain an experienced perspective outside of their own and attuned to their customers–I am the consummate customer in my role as a writer. They gain an honest advocate for their products or services. They gain more than they bargained for, as I always pour 150% into each project; writing gives me too much pleasure to skimp on it. They gain clear, concise, accurate content that communicates their passion for what they do from someone who can draw on 20+ years of experience writing for every industry and field you can think of. With the possible exceptions of cat burglary and politics.

If I Didn’t Provide This Service What Would My Customers Do?

They’d muddle along. They might not communicate clearly or concisely or even accurately, but communication is such a strong human need that they would charge ahead anyway. They might agonize over commas versus semicolons, looming deadlines, inconsistent content, and how to say what they want to say. They might produce copy with misplaced apostrophes, wrong (and sometimes baffling) word choices, proofreading errors, and incredibly convoluted and impenetrable sentences. Yet, they still deserve credit because they tried to communicate–and communication is the most important thing.

From our base in Peterborough, NH, TWP Marketing & Technical Communications writes marketing copy that engages your customers and delivers your message with accuracy, clarity, and passion.