Computer, Paper, Electrical Outage: Once Again, Paper Wins

High winds, ice storms, heavy snowfall, hungry squirrels with no sense of self-preservation: they’ve all caused electrical outages in New Hampshire. Electrical outages have more than once separated me from a client who needs a project finished now.

Because many of my clients approach me over the internet, I usually don’t have their business cards with their contact information. So I’ve learned to keep an emergency list of current client names and phone numbers on paper. When an electrical outage occurs, I can quickly call current clients (on my landline) to explain the situation.

That’s one time when paper beats computer, but there are others. For example, I always proofread a printed copy of content I’ve written or revised on the computer. The paper version reveals problems in content (missing or duplicated words), layout, punctuation (missing and extra periods), readability (colored lines on a graph make no sense in black & white print) and organization that the online version obscures.

Whether you’re writing or revising a 1-page press release or a 50-page website, try printing it out before you make it public. You’ll be amazed at the problems you find.

Remember, even in traditional paper/rock/scissors, paper trumps some of the time.

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