5 Signs of Great Content

Your marketing materials may consist of a website, blog, newsletter, brochure, data sheet, case studies or any combination. Regardless of the method you choose to deliver your message to customers, great content always has these five characteristics:

  1. It uses everyday language. Yes, some technical terms have no substitute (fractionation by any other name is simply confusing), but the words surrounding the technical words should be easy to read. No reason to write “utilize” when “use” will do; no reason to write “capability” when “ability” is available or the word can be avoided entirely. (“We have the capability of manufacturing…” versus “We manufacture….”)
  2. It speaks to the customer. The customer has a pain point; great marketing content offers a solution to that pain. The issue is not how wonderful the company is but how much confidence the customer has in the specific solution you are writing about.
  3. It is easy to navigate. Whether online or in print, the content should allow the customer to quickly find information. Huge blocks of print, for example, should either be edited or broken up by headings or preferably both. The relationships between your different products and services should be easy to figure out. The directions to next steps should be clear. Contact and/or signup information should appear on every page.
  4. It highlights your value. No matter how identical your company is to every other in the field, there is something you can do better or some problem you are more interested in or some other aspect of your company that sets you apart–or you better find another business to run. Keep that value in mind with every word you write.
  5. It tells a story. Not every word in every piece of marketing material needs that story-telling quality, but some of your marketing should be story based, perhaps the story of how you chose this business, a recent success with a customer, an award you won or an interesting fact you discovered. Stories engage customers and keep them reading.

If your marketing materials hit those five aspects of great content, you are well on your way to making a strong connection with your customers.