25 Blog Post Ideas

According to WordPress, their users produce 70 million new posts every month and those posts generate over 75 million comments. Why do the posts keep coming?

People search the internet for information and entertainment. When they have a problem to solve–whether they want a new pair of earrings, a software upgrade, or a cure for a common cold–they turn to the internet. When they are curious about how to paint a room or build a rocket, they search the internet. And the advisors they find and remember are the ones who have taken the time to post information and ideas.

Two factors inhibit business owners from taking advantage of this vast market that is actively searching for them: lack of time and lack of ideas. TWP Marketing & Technical Communications can help with both, as we not only write but research and suggest potential blog posts. If you are looking for DIY ideas, here are 25 questions to get you started. Each one deserves at least one blog post:

  1. Why are you in business?
  2. What are industry standards for someone in your business/field?
  3. What do your degrees, certifications, and years of experience mean?
  4. What kind of problems do you solve?
  5. What are the potential solutions/course of action for one problems?
  6. How can customers tell if they have that problem?
  7. What are the potential solutions/course of action for another problem?
  8. How can customers tell if they have that problem?
  9. What process do you use to determine the exact problem?
  10. What types of equipment do you use to solve the problem?
  11. What types of methods do you use?
  12. Why did you choose that process/equipment/method and not another?
  13. How can customers prevent their problem in the future?
  14. How likely is the problem to recur and what should customers do if it does? What will you do?
  15. What did a recent customer say about you and why?
  16. What project have you completed most recently?
  17. What is your favorite project?
  18. What should customers consider when choosing who to work with in your industry/profession?
  19. Are there any scams customers should be warry of?
  20. What questions should customers ask when they call you?
  21. What information do you need?
  22. What should customers do or avoid doing before calling you?
  23. Can customers DIY and, if they can, what do they need?
  24. Who works with you and what is their background?
  25. What are your and your team’s guiding principles for customer service?

TWP Marketing & Technical Communications understands that blog posts, case studies, and insight papers offer value for both your business and the customers you are attracting. Our content makes everyone look good–you for providing the solutions and services you offer and your customers for knowing what to ask and who to work with.

From our base in Peterborough, NH, TWP Marketing & Technical Communications writes marketing copy that engages your customers and delivers your message with accuracy, clarity, and passion.