What Your First-Time Website Needs Most

In the rush and excitement of developing a new website, you may overlook these fundamental must-haves:

  • Contact information. Make sure your contact information appears on every page, not just the Contact Us page.
  • Navigation that tells people who you are. A tab for each major product or service gives visitors more immediate information and leads them more firmly than a generic “services” or “products” tab.
  • Words. Search engines don’t search for pictures, they search for words. Make sure you have labeled pictures descriptively to aid the search engines in their search.
  • Responsiveness. Users are frustrated by email addresses or forms that seem to lead into a black hole; assign someone knowledgeable to respond quickly to queries.
  • White space, subheads and bullets. No one likes to read hundreds of words of unbroken text.
  • Working links and videos. Never assume that links and vidoes are working properly. For videos, especially, it’s important to look and listen as if you were a visitor–do videos load quickly and are they clear, easy to understand and current?

If you are building a website for the first time, there is no need to struggle through alone. Contact TWP Marketing & Technical Communications and take advantage of our experience.