Never Underestimate What Your Customers Don’t Know

I recently visited a website for a company selling beeswax candles. On one page of the site, the company explained how beeswax candles were made. The information fascinated me. I knew all about melting crayons to make candles and simply assumed any candle was made in the same way. It isn’t.

Many business owners give their customers credit for knowing much more than they do. The beeswax candle company did not make that mistake; and as a result they provided information on their website that kept me there much longer than I intended.

If you have been telling yourself that “Everyone in the industry does it that way” or “Everyone knows that,” it may be time for a reality check.

  • Knowledge that is common in your industry may not be common to your customers, who have their own special interests. Share your knowledge, educate your customers and you’ve hooked them. Items you can share include how your product is made or used, how to distinguish a good product from a bad one or how to repair or upgrade the product.
  • Knowledge that should be known to your customers might not be if you’ve left it to someone else (your competition?) to tell them. Items in this category include industry regulations, awards and baselines that you meet or exceed.
  • Knowledge that customers think they grasp (like my knowledge of how to make a candle) might be wide of the mark. Be specific. For example, if your industry is noted for extremely precise measurements, your customers will benefit from hearing exactly what precision your company reaches: within 1 foot, an inch, the width of a human hair, 0.00003 cm? “Extremely precise” seems clear but it actually vague.
  • Knowledge that you assume customers have because of their education or years in the industry might baffle them. After all, they are your customers because you have knowledge and skills they lack. Make sure you define acronyms and industry terms and try to stay away from industry jargon. Make it easy on your customers to understand what you are saying.

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