Differentiating Yourself from the Competition

Are you doing less to make your company stand out than you do for yourself?

If you were writing a resume, you would differentiate yourself from your competitors by stressing your specific skills and accomplishments and by focusing on the information the company expressly asked for in its job posting.

The same tactics work in differentiating your company from its competitors:

  • Be specific. Define “excellent customer service” with statistics, testimonials and success stories. If your work is extremely accurate, define “extremely”: within a mile or an inch or a millionth of an inch?
  • Take credit. If you “have the capability of repairing a car in 24 hours,” then you repair cars in 24 hours. The italic statement is more concise, stronger and more believable. “Having a capability” means nothing unless you follow through and use it. So stand up for what you do.
  • Let your customers in on the secret. Never assume your customers know what you do or how you do it. Everyone in your industry may use environmentally friendly chemicals. Make sure your customers know you use environmentally friendly chemicals.
  • Focus your message. Researchers have proven that people can remember at most 4 chunks of new information. Stay under that limit and concentrate your marketing copy (each marketing brochure, website page, blog, press release or success story) on one idea at a time.

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